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Welcome to my Christmas Page!!!!! Grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate (or drink of your choice) and come sit by the fire with me!!!! Hope you enjoy the Christmas Links that I have found for you and as I find more I will try to add them in time!!!! Love you all and wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!

Christmas Sites

Northpole.Com :
Northpole.Net : Yes these are two different site lol
Santa :
Christmas: Varied
Santa Tracking : this site provided by Weather Channel
Santa Tracker :
Santas Grotto :
Santas Workshop :
Santa Land:
Christmas for Kids:
Santa Coop:
Caryn's Holiday/Christmas Clipart : Great clipart site
Ruby Net - Christmas :
Christmas : great Christmas site
My Little Corner : Great holiday gifs - a lot are animated - Thanks Nita
Christmas In Dixie: Midis, etc for the Holidays
Christmas From Canada :
Merry Christmas : Recipes, Midis, Trivia and more
Christmas in Mrs. C's Little World : Stories, Midis, Recipes, etc - another great site
Cyberspace Christmas : Games, Trivia, Midis, - Another fun site
Christmas with Readers Digest : Great recipes, hints, crafts, etc
Christmas Jukebox : Obvious - lol, midis
The Christmas Emporium: Games, Trivia, Stories, Recipes, etc
Happy Holidays : Some great gifs, midis - I have to admit I didn't go the whole way through this site so might be some surprises too
Christmas Cheer : Great borders, backgrounds, gifs
T & PSC Screen Savers : Great Christmas backgrounds and some Christmas Screen Savers for my "puter" friends : This is a way cool site - become an EIB (Elf In Black) - all kinds of fun things
Season's Greeting 1998: gifs, backgrounds and more
Suthern Christmas : recipes, stories, and more and more
Max Ruby's Christmas from Dixie: animations, backgrounds, stories, recipes, crafts, midis
The Christmas Site : some cool graphics, midis, clipart
Bullbear's Christmas Shack: an excellent site for cool yule gifs, Pooh Christmas, recipes, etc
Towanda's Winter Wonderland : another great site with recipes, crafts, etc

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